Government banning entry of all non-resident foreign nationals coming from countries affected by Ebola

03 Setembro 2014

This is notification from the Government's Communication & Image Office, issued in Praia, Cabo Verde on August 21, 2014:

On August 20, 2014, the Government of Cabo Verde approved a resolution banning entry into the country of foreign nationals not residing in Cabo Verde who have been in any of the countries affected by the Ebola virus, in the last thirty days. The Resolution was published in the Official Bulletin, Series I, No. 50, of 20 August.

The Government explains that its decision comes in the wake of the rapid spread of Ebola in countries affected, denoting great difficulty in controlling the epidemic and, therefore, measures must be taken to ensure more protection of national interests with regard to public health.

It should be noted that, from the outset, the Government has been concerned about the Ebola outbreak, which has plagued some countries in West Africa and claimed thousands of lives. Indeed, measures were immediately taken and, under the coordination of national health units, all relevant entities have done their best so that the country is better prepared for any eventuality.

At Ports and Airports all control measures have been working and there is an organized internal capacity to act wherever necessary. Thus, everything has been organized and conducted in accordance with international standards applicable in similar situations. Similarly, guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations with responsibilities regarding international movement of people and goods are being followed.

Also, as soon as it realized the risks facing the country, being near the affected region, the Government prepared a contingency plan, which is being followed. This plan can be found at or through this link

Information and awareness campaigns are being carried out to ensure the population and certain professional segments understand what the Ebola virus is, know the symptoms and work on prevention.

The government's decision is effective immediately and will be valid for three months, after which a rigorous assessment will be made to decide whether or not to keep the same measure.

Ebola kills, but together we can prevent it

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