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Cabo Verde na Corason (English Version)

Cabo Verde na Corason (English Version)

Cabo Verde na Corason (English Version) MDC



Throughout the years, the Cape Verdean diaspora has received special attention from the Government of Cape Verde with the promotion of initiatives aimed at bringing closer this "large family" spread out in the world.

Cabo Verde na Corason, falls within the framework of those initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Communities (MDC), and aiming at the return to the country of origin during summer vacation of young Cape Verdeans and young Cape Verdean descendants spread all over the world, to take part in summer camps that have two components: Social and Cultural.


1. This regulation sets the general rules of the summer camps organized by the Ministry of Communities;
2. The realization of summer camps consists in offering a diverse program to young Cape Verdeans and Cape Verdean descendants residents in the diaspora, during a short period of time;
3. This initiative aimed at providing the contact of young Cape Verdeans and Cape Verdean descendants in the diaspora with the motherland, has the following objectives:
a) To reinforce the feeling of belonging to the country of origin;
b) To allow participants to know the current Cape Verdean reality through guided visits to different government and civil society institutions which work in areas of social nature, in different regions of the country;
c) To raise the youth's awareness of national social causes and encourage them to give their contributions;
d) To promote exchange of different experiences between the youth residing in the country and abroad;
e) To strengthen participants ties with relatives in Cape Verde;
f) To promote Cape Verde as a tourism destination for young Cape Verdeans and descendants in the diaspora.

Cabo Verde na Corason is an initiative for young Cape Verdeans and Cape Verdean descendants residents in the diaspora, namely in countries such as: Angola, USA, France, Guinea Bissau, Holland, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, S.Tomé e Príncipe and Senegal. One (1) representative of each of the above mentioned countries will be selected to participate in this project's 2013 edition.

IV. DURATION : One (1) week (August 02 to 09, 2013).

V. EVENT PROMOTOR: Ministry of Communities (MDC).

VI. NATIONAL PARTNERS: National Volunteer Program, Ministry of External Relations (MIREX), Ministry of Rural Development (MDR), City Halls, Cape Verde's SOS Villages, Youth Centers and Telecenters, Gimno-Desportivo, community and university students associations, religious institutions, businesses, etc.

VII. PARTNERS IN HOST COUNTRIES: Cape Verdean Associations and Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts of Cape Verde, local authorities.

Registration can be done by filling a form found on MDC's website, www.mdc.gov.cv. Deadline for registration is July 17. Please be advised that:
a) Registration can only be accepted when the form is completely filled and submitted to the mentioned address;
b) When registering, all documents proving that the applicant is a Cape Verdean descendant and lives abroad must be attached to the registration. Examples of such documents are the birth certificate and the residence permit or statement.

Applicants will be selected upon the presentation of the following requirements:
a) Age between 18 and 25;
b) Proof of being a Cape Verdean descendant;
c) Skills in the following areas: social, environmental, educational and entertainment.
d) Residing in Angola, USA, France, Guinea Bissau, Holland, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, São Tomé e Príncipe and Senegal.;
e) Geographic distribution: one applicant per country will be selected;
f) Registration forms are numbered according to the order they were submitted and this will be one of selection criteria. Among those that meet all requirements, 10 (ten) will be selected for this edition of Cabo Verde na Corason.
g) MDC will receive registrations and will do the selection.
h) After selection, the list of all applicants will be published on the site.

As the entity with responsibility to organize, promote and implement Cabo Verde na Corason, MDC has the following rights and responsibilities:
1. Rights:
a) To enforce this regulation in order to assure proper operation of summer camps;
b) To define activities to be carried out, calendar and location;
c) To develop partnerships with other institutions, either in Cape Verde or abroad;
d) To accept participants registration when all documents and information are correct, through the website www.mdc.gov.cv;
e) Securing the operation of the summer camp, with the responsibility of overseeing all activities in coordination with involved institutions;
f) To put together the program's final report.

2. Responsibilities:
a) To guarantee the permanent escort of participants;
b) To assure that the planned and approved program is followed, except for reasons of technical and meteorological reasons or reasons out of one's control;
c) To provide travel insurance to all participants;
d) To provide lodging, transport and meals in accordance with the summer camp program;
e) To determine conditions of exclusion of any participant whose action affects the proper operation of the camp;
f) To promote the strengthening of ties with relatives in Cape Verde;
g) To promote exchange with young Cape Verdean in different areas;
h) To promote knowledge of Cape Verdean reality, through visits to several public or civil society institutions working in social areas and to tourism landmarks.

1. Rights:
a) To take part in all activities defined in the summer camp program, excepted if otherwise determined by the management;
b) To have lodging and meals during the time period of the summer camp;
c) To be escorted by a staff of MDC in all activities;
d) Transportation in accordance with the program defined in the Plan of Activities.
2. Responsibilities:
a) To comply with this regulation as well as with the instructions and guidelines given by the organizers/management;
b) To comply with the set timetable/schedule in order to prevent delays in the program;
c) To assure mutual respect among participants and organizers.

The following are not allowed during activities:
a) Consumption of alcohol or drugs;
b) Smoking;
c) Usage of any kind of weapon, utensil or other device that can endanger the safety of other participants, of the organizers or facilities;
d) The access of non-authorized people in the programs.

Registration should be made at MDC website www.mdc.gov.cv by filling an appropriate form and attaching remaining documents. This package should then be sent to: Este endereço de e-mail está protegido de spam bots, pelo que necessita do Javascript activado para o visualizar or to Este endereço de e-mail está protegido de spam bots, pelo que necessita do Javascript activado para o visualizar , no later than July 17. The results will be published by July 22. Selected applicants must confirm their presence within two days. On July 26 the final list of participants in the project Cabo Verde na Corason 2013 will be published.

The current regulation will go into force one day after its publication.
Praia, June 04, 2013

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